Bye 2016 Bye Angular

Recently I wrote an answer on quora If React is Killing Angular and it got me thinking as perhaps I should try to explain it in detail which resulted in this Post.

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Is React Killing Angular?

This is an answer that I gave on quora where someone has asked If React is Killing Angular.

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How to contribute on Github

This is an answer that I gave on quora where a tech enthusiast has asked regarding how one should contribute on github.

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Things I have learned this month

Hi, In this post I want to share with you all some of the cool links , videos and articles.

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Rise of frameworks & programmers’ frustration

Hey have you used this X library/tools/framework it is so awesome that it lets you do Y stuff in less time and with less code and it has so awesome API, I am in love with this and I think everybody is going to use this in future.

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Edgy corners of AngularJS

of 1.x versions precisely, I am not here to sing the praises of BackboneJs or KnockoutJs neither I want to draw comparisons between them but after working about two years with it there have been times when I thought I wish someone should have told me this edgy corners beforehand.

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